A new crucial step for the Ternoa blockchain: the French nugget that wants to revolutionize the approach of time

There is no doubt that the Ternoa project, led by the French startup Capsule Corp, is in the race to become an international success. The idea of ​​the project is its strength. It provides a concrete solution for people wishing to pass on their memories in the future.

In addition, the initiative is often acclaimed for its capacity for innovation and the responsiveness of its teams. As proof, the brand new Ternoa website is breathtaking! This article gives you an update on the technical developments and announcements made by the Ternoa team.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with Ternoa.

The early adopters receive their first tokens

First good news for Bitcoin Up token subscribers, the distribution of the first tokens is underway . This distribution opens the KYC (Know your Customer) submission period. People who have participated in the private sale (ceiling of € 400,000 reached) must complete a questionnaire which allows the company to identify them, and therefore to comply with the legislation in force and more particularly the PACTE law.

This approach shows the seriousness of the project and its desire to last over time. Once this step is over, subscribers are credited to their wallet with the tokens while waiting for them to be listed. The name that was chosen for the token is the CAPS . If you have purchased or obtained CAPS, the Ternoa team is available through its networks to help you transfer your tokens to your wallet and / or choose the most suitable wallet.

Ternoa validates an important step: the audited and validated CAPS

At the start of the year, Ternoa validates an important step in its roadmap: the audit of its ERC 20 token . This audit was carried out by the world famous organization Certik Foundation ( https://certik.org ).

This precaution once again demonstrates that Capsule Corp is doing everything possible to guarantee the best quality of service and security to subscribers of the CAPS token. The use of time capsules is now placed under the sign of trust .

The news being recent and submitted exclusively for the Journal du Coin, the details of this new crucial step will be communicated in the days to come on Ternoa’s social networks .

Ternoa’s technical announcements

Ternoa is an innovation project which will have an NFT Market Place and a Lab introduced in the coming weeks. The NFT Market Place will allow you to exchange non-fungible tokens , but also creators to be able to place their own NFTs there.

The Lab will allow blockchain project leaders to be able to use Ternoa resources as a basic protocol, but also to be assisted by the multidisciplinary team which today allows this project to grow at full speed . We find in these announcements the assumed desire of the creators that the Ternoa project can preserve the fundamental values ​​of decentralization .

The technical team also tells us that the first version of the Ternoa blockchain can now be tested by developers on the Polkadot.js interface. Another important step validated by Ternoa.